Mar 1, 2024

By Nikara Soorju (16 years, Black belt)

Karate for me has been an interesting journey. To take up karate is unlike any sport, it’s a lifestyle. You learn to balance your mind with your body. It involves dedication, discipline and determination. Something that I personally believe is important for all aspects in life, thus once you start karate you never actually quit it.

Karate teaches you to appreciate detail. That fighting is not just fighting but something rather beautiful when you break it down.

As a female, karate is specifically unique to me as it has empowered me. Karate teaches you how to use your body and defend yourself. This is important for a young woman as when she takes on the world she shouldn’t have fear shadow her. Knowing how to protect yourself dispels fear and gives you perspective – that a female is only vulnerable when she allows herself to be defenseless.

I am grateful that I can defend myself if need be and I feel that every girl/woman should feel empowered by her body. Karate is a sport you choose to do that blends with your life. It is a journey that you take with your Sensei and is something that you will never regret. You learn to respect your body and to value stillness. It’s important to learn these things in a society that doesn’t appreciate time and encourages an abuse of our bodies.