What the parents of some of our students have had to say:

“We came to the Middelburg IJKA Karate Club ,in search of an activity to help our daughter, Elri Bester, to build her self esteem, confidence, respect and discipline.

We can honestly say, that it was hands down, the best thing we ever did for our daughter!

IJKA Karate is not just a karate school, where you go to for a couple of years and then walk away with a black belt after a lot of hard work and dedication, it is so much more….

IJKA Middelburg, Sensei Gene and Sensei Christelle Fourie, is a family friendly training centre that’s dedicated to their students and they have superior quality of teaching. They focus on the proper karate values, skills and even more so, on perserverance and good sportsmanship.

IJKA Karate, instructors are very well trained, professional and interact well with their students of all ages.

We highly recommended Middelburg IJKA Karate Centre. You are welcome to contact Sensei Gene or Christelle Fourie, if you’re interested in starting your karate journey. You won’t be disappointed!
They have earned the respect of our family.”

Lynette & Johan Bester

“Jan-Louis was one of the first children to enrol at the Yzerfontein Dojo. I can see that his karate lessons are helping him a lot with his physical and general development, especially regarding his spatial awareness and gross motor skills. The discipline that comes with karate is good for him and benefits him in other areas as well. I am incredibly grateful to have Sensei Jacques on our doorstep, as it were, who can offer karate at such a high standard.”

Francois Griebenow, father of Jan-Louis, 9 years old (Purple belt)

“Josh was a shy child who wasn’t very keen on doing team sports so we needed to find an individual sport that he could participate in and enjoy. Karate was the perfect choice for him! Karate has given him so much self-confidence as well as all-around physical fitness. Karate has numerous benefits for young kids. It is a great way for young kids to improve their strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. By teaching them how to fight and defend themselves in a safe environment. It’s helped improve Josh’s overall confidence and I don’t need to worry about him being bullied at school. Karate has the added benefit of teaching them structure and discipline by having to follow instructions as well as needing to work towards incremental goals by achieving their various belts. Even though Karate is an individual sport, Josh has been able to make friends with like-minded kids. And despite being a very shy person, he now has the confidence to even help teach the younger kids! I would highly recommend karate as one of the best sports for kids to do.”

Carolyn Pearce, mother of Josh Greyling, 15 years (Black belt)

“I remember how it was such a confusing time for my husband and I with our son being kicked out of sports and different schools because “he does not listen” as the teachers put it.

A good friend recommended I go see Gene Fourie. That was a turning point in all our lives including my son’s life. Krishna was finally enjoying a sport, enjoying being part of a team, and was it like I found a 2nd father – encouraging and pushing us and our son to face our fears and do something.

Krishna joined IJKA at 9 years old and is now 16. I can safely say Gene and karate has kept my son out of all the trouble that young boys his age get up to. Krishna has so much self-confidence, has learnt to express himself without coming across as naughty, and he constantly feels like a champion.

It gets hard as teenagers have a lot of temptations, but boy once you mention how disappointing this would be to Gene, Krishna steps up.
Thank you Middelburg IJKA Karate Centre.”

Jubilant Thandeka Mathibela

“Karate has helped Adam in many ways. When Adam started karate he was somewhat a shy and anxious boy with low self confidence. Today he is a completely different child he is confident and is becoming a great leader in the dojo. Karate has also taught Adam self control and focus and to never give up.”

Lee Caw, mother of Adam Caw, 15 years (Black belt)

“Prior to enrolling with the IJKA SA and commencing with the programme under Sensei’s Bernard’s guidance, Leila was a very reserved, timid and soft-spoken child. After starting karate and grading upwards in the ranks to the senior belts, there was a marked difference in her. She became more confident, has greater focus, including academically and progressed along a path of general success and achievement in virtually everything she undertook. The difference has been astonishing and continues to manifest itself with every day, in all her undertakings. Karate, particularly under Sensei Bernard’s instruction, has definitely been a major factor in my child’s development and evolution. Enrolling her in karate was one of the best decisions we have made as her parents.”

Ben Chite, father of Leila Chite, 18 years (Black belt)

“The proudest moment of any parent, is to see the growth and prosperity of their child in a discipline like karate. Nikara has over the last 8 years under the leadership and guidance of Sensei Bernard, achieved a Shodan Black Belt, which she wears very proudly. I must say, the discipline and teachings of Karate has had a profound impact on Nikara’s development from a young child to a very confident adolescent. Watching her graceful yet complex movements of the different Kata’s allowed me over the years to have the utmost respect for the art of karate. The exposure that the discipline affords all their students is truly developmental and empowering to the youth. It has certainly touched the lives of our family, but more importantly assisted in raising a young, disciplined yet humble young lady, that in my opinion packs a “punch”!”

Amanath Soorju, father of Nikara Soorju, 16 years (Black belt)

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