Jun 4, 2024

Gene Fourie

With more than 50 years doing karate, I have been asked many questions and tried my best to answer them! Below, I share some of these conversations with you. This is part 1.

Q; What is the difference between karate, boxing & judo?
A: They are all fighting arts. Boxing relies only on the fists.
Judo employs throws and joint locks.
Karate uses the hands, elbows, knees, feet and other parts of the body to strike and block. Very effective!!

Q: Is karate really an effective form of self-defence?
A: Yes! Especially the original kind of karate as practised at IJKA SA. The techniques are scientifically designed to have the maximum effect upon the human body. It is an unequalled fighting art.

Q: Isn’t a gun a better form of self defence?
A: Every form of self defence has limitations. A gun is not always available, but your hands and feet are. You can be killed by your own gun. Karate is instinctive.

Q: What is mysterious about karate power?
A: Nothing! Karate is scientific. It teaches harmony and co-ordination, between body and mind. The only secret is “Unity is Strength”.

Q: Can I learn to do amazing karate feats?
A: Yes! It depends entirely on the amount of training you are prepared to devote.

Q: Will karate clash with my religion?
A: No! There is nothing religious about karate; but if something like rugby or tennis clashes with your religion, then so will karate and any other sport. You may improve certain mental qualities, such as awareness, determination, courage, and rectitude. However, you will not get any religious cognisance.

Look out next month for Part 2.