The following must be signed by dojo heads / competitors / managers / coaches and officials of the International Japan Karate-Do Association South Africa (IJKA SA) and the International Japan Karate-Do Association Africa (IJKA AFRICA) representing IJKA SA / IJKA AFRICA abroad. Please strike through the sections that are not applicable.

This is binding on the undersigned signatories.
I, the undersigned, hereby undertake to:

Ensure that I am fully informed about the rules and regulations as contained in the IJKA SA Operations Manual. I undertake to follow these rules and regulations at all times.

Teach / coach / manage / officiate competitors diligently, and to the best of my ability, and to conduct myself in all matters pertaining to my association with IJKA SA / IJKA AFRICA in an ethical manner befitting of a dojo head. I further undertake not to engage in any illegal, undignified or unethical activity or behaviour in or outside my capacity as an IJKA SA / IJKA AFRICA dojo head.

Ensure all necessary communication from IJKA SA / IJKA AFRICA is disseminated timeously and in full to competitors and parents with regards to all matters concerning IJKA SA / IJKA AFRICA, such as competitions, seminars, events etc. abroad.

Arrange for a substitute instructor to teach / coach / manage / officiate in my place in case of my absence due to illness, compassionate leave or any unforeseen circumstances if I am unable to fulfill my duties abroad as dojo head of IJKA SA / IJKA AFRICA.

Always be punctual and presentable and to teach /coach/ manage/ officiate competitors in a way befitting of a dojo head associated to IJKA SA / IJKA AFRICA.

Avoid touching or handling of competitors and not to engage in any illegal or inappropriate behaviour towards any competitors in any way whatsoever nationally or internationally.

Accept and respect the absolute authority of the rules of the competition officials and administrators at all times.

Judge / referee / arbitrator / coach / manage competitors impartially, and to the best of my ability, as well as to conduct myself in all matters pertaining to competitions in an ethical manner befitting of a judge / referee / arbitrator / coach / manager. I further undertake not to engage in any illegal, undignified or unethical activity or behaviour at competitions nationally and internationally.

To wear the required team clothing, e.g. tracksuits or formal wear appropriate to events, competitions and seminars.

Not conduct myself in an unsportsmanlike manner or in any unprofessional manner, thus bringing IJKA SA / IJKA AFRICA into disrepute at any IJKA SA / IJKA AFRICA event, competition, seminar or during any national or international traveling as a member of IJKA SA / IJKA AFRICA. I understand that, by agreeing to participate or engage in the competition, event or seminar, I agree to adhere to the travel and accommodation arrangements and activities as a member and representative of IJKA SA / IJKA AFRICA. As such, my behaviour (in words and deeds) both on and off the mat at aforementioned competition, event or seminar must be respectful and appropriate, and to the benefit of my team members and other members (including seniors and juniors) of IJKA SA / IJKA AFRICA.

Dress appropriately for any event, competitions, function, seminar, travel arrangements etc.

Be on time for such events and will not delay my team at any time, including delaying any scheduled transport departures.
Treat all senior instructors and juniors, as well as my fellow competitors, with respect as well as the necessary decorum and courtesy.

Respect any decisions made by the judges / referees and competition officials. I will not make any public remarks about their decisions and I agree to accept their authority and to abide by their decisions. This extends to parents and / or supporters.
Use self-control and to refrain from using any foul or threatening language or behaviour or physical violence. I undertake to participate with good spirit and I will always demonstrate and portray the 5 maxims of karate, namely, character, sincerity, effort, etiquette and self-control.

I further acknowledge, by affixing my signature below, that I consider myself bound to the above.