Adidas Heavy Weight Suit


Kumite Heavy Weight Kata suit

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Suitable for Kata.

Use height as a rough guideline for GI sizing e.g 170cm tall = 170GI

WKF approved.

Belt not included.

White and Gold

Set consisting of jacket and trousers with drawstrings at the waist.

Color: white with gold adidas logo.

Material: 100% cotton

Weight: approx. 300 g/ m2 )

Pants with drawstring waist and short crotch

Measurements: from 150 to 180 cm in 5 cm steps.

Snapping effect when performing movements

Black embroidered Adidas logo on right chest and back of the neck on the jacket

Adidas Heavy Weight Karate Gi WKF Approved. Japanese cut. Great Quality. Easy Iron and Long Lasting.

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Heavyweight Suit Size

150, 155, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180