IJKA SA Cup Supporter


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Safeguard your most sensitive areas with the IJKA SA branded Cup Supporter, designed for maximum protection and comfort during intense training sessions and competitions.

Featuring a reinforced plastic cup, this Cup Supporter ensures reliable defense against impact and injury, providing peace of mind as you focus on your martial arts practice. The durable construction of the cup offers exceptional resilience, allowing you to train with confidence knowing that your groin area is well-protected.

To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, the Cup Supporter is equipped with a wide elastic support band that wraps snugly around your waist. This band offers ample support and stability, preventing slippage and ensuring that the cup stays in place during dynamic movements.

Whether you're practicing katas, sparring, or engaging in rigorous drills, the IJKA SA branded Cup Supporter is an essential piece of protective gear that prioritizes your safety and performance.

Invest in your training regimen with the reliable protection of the IJKA SA branded Cup Supporter. Train with confidence, knowing that your groin area is shielded by top-quality equipment endorsed by the esteemed IJKA SA organization.

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