Feb 12, 2024

In a recent Daily Telegraph study, arguments for and against the use of a tablet (or similar electronic device) versus children’s karate were published, the below mentioned results speaks for itself:

The arguments advanced for the benefits of a tablet (or similar electronic device, such as a smart phone) were highlighted as follows:-

  1. It keeps the child momentarily quiet and occupied; and
  2. It is often used as a tool for homework and research thus equipping the child with knowledge on a variety of topics into adulthood as most occupations these days require the use of some sort of electronic device.

The arguments against the use of a tablet (or electronic device):-

  1. The use of any electronic device has the potential to become addictive over time and when used regularly;
  2. It creates a false impression of life (kids become unsociable towards others);
  3. It takes away the ability to be physically active at a young age (low muscle tone etc.);
  4. It gives a false sense of self-defence;
  5. It trivializes violence and empathy (think of certain games being played);
  6. It divides families (watch as a parent attempts to confiscate an electronic device from a 3 year old);
  7. Reduces respect for parents and elders (a child would rather play on an electronic device than do chores); and
  8. Prolonged use of an electronic device can weaken eye muscles leading to perceptive issues from adverse light emissions.

The arguments advanced for the benefits of karate were highlighted as follows:-

  • It promotes fitness and a physical lifestyle in children;
  • It teaches self-discipline;
  • Children learn how to defend themselves;
  • It will teach children how to set goals and achieve these goals;
  • Karate helps the child to stand up against negative peer pressure;
  • It promotes healthy living and boosts socialization skills;
  • It increases self-esteem and instils a sense of respect;
  • Karate encourages non-violent conflict resolution; and
  • Children and parents can share a similar interest, have fun and spent quality time together as a family;

The arguments against karate:-

  • Karate costs money and it requires an investment of children and parents’ time, of which mostly effort and commitment on the child’s part; and
  • Parents have to commit to taking children to weekly classes and to competitions.


Karate has proven to be a method of training the mind and body to act as one. Karate practitioners strive for harmony but also learn effective self-defence techniques. Children who get involved in karate reap many benefits in several areas of life. Give your child the gift that lasts a lifetime by enrolling them into karate today; they will thank you for it.