A sandan (3rd Dan) or above has the authority to be an IJKA SA dojo head; to open a dojo and to register it with IJKA SA; affiliate his or her students and conduct grading up to 1st kyu brown belt and/or junior black belt.

A shodan (1st Dan) or a nidan (2nd Dan) may open a dojo, but need to have another registered IJKA SA dojo head, which is a sandan (3rd Dan) or above, to oversee and to take responsibility for the dojo and to conduct all grading up to 1st kyu brown belt and/or junior black belt, until the dojo head becomes a sandan (3rd Dan).

An annual South African Police Service (SAPS) clearance certificate is compulsory for all dojo heads. The certificate must be annexed to all new dojo applications and a copy must be sent to IJKA SA HQ in January of each year by all existing dojo heads.

All IJKA SA dojo heads will be required to sign a code of conduct which forms part of the dojo registration.

Dojo heads should always set a good example, be fair to their students and loyal to IJKA SA. Dojo heads should always look presentable in the dojo, wear a clean suit and be punctual. Dojo heads should teach their students correctly, diligently and technically correct according to the IJKA SA syllabus. Dojo heads should always be respectful to students and their families.