Jul 1, 2024

Gene Fourie

With more than 50 years doing karate, I have been asked many questions and tried my best to answer them! Below, I share some of these conversations with you. Here is Part 2 of the questions which I normally get asked about karate and my answers to these questions.
(Click here for Part 1)

Q: Isn’t Karate supposed to be a way of life?

A: Anything can be a way of life, if you want it to be. The principles that guide IJKA karate, i.e. character, sincerity, effort, etiquette & self-control can be applied in everyday life. Besides the principles, karate is a sport, like gymnastics, an art like ballet, and it’s the best form of unarmed self defence there is.

Q: Who would win if a karate man fought a boxer, a wrestler or a judo man?

A: If they were both the same mass, with the same amount of experience, the karate man will win every time.

Q: Is karate good for ladies?

A: There is no doubt that karate is good for ladies. Ladies do karate without loosing any of their femininity.  In fact it improves grace and poise.

Q: Am I too old to start with the practice of karate?

A: If you are not bedridden, then karate is for you. People have started at 60 and still attained their black belt.  Karate is just that kind of sport, totally unique in its possibilities.

Q: I am very unfit. Will karate kill me?

A: No! Training starts very gradually. You don’t have to be fit to start, it makes you fit. Karate is thorough, working all parts on the body and providing a good cardio workout.

Q: Why should I practice karate?

A: Because:

  • It develops the whole of you, body, mind and spirit,
  • It is a complete exercise,
  • It is an exciting sport, and
  • It is unequalled in unarmed self-defence.