Adidas Adilight Karate Suit


Kumite Lightweight Kumite Fighting Suit

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The Adilight Karate uniform comes with Climacool® mesh areas for optimized ventilation. This revolutionary karate uniform provides lightness and performance to Kumite athletes for the competition.

Use height as a rough guideline for GI sizing e.g 170cm tall = 170GI

Features and Benefits

Designed for the top athletes, this karate uniform is offering:

Lightweight 137 Grs/sqm +/-5 grams - 100% polyester blended brilliant white-bleached fabric
Quick drying, minimal shrinkage
Ultra-large mesh area at the back of the jacket and at inner legs provide regulate temperature and perspiration.
Trousers with full-length gusset and elasticated waist for top comfort.
Stretchable in one direction fabric which allows powerful, precision movement.

Ultralight & Resistant Fabric
Breathable Climacool® mesh parts
Ultra-comfortable feeling
WKF approved

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Additional information

Suit Size

150, 160, 170, 180